Werribee Health Care aim to provide a full range of general health services whilst also concentrating on the more prevalent issues affecting the majority of the public population such as:

  • Women’s Health

    o Pre-pregnancy counselling and fertility issue
    o Antenatal care (Shared care)
    o Post natal care
    o Menopause symptom management and osteoporosis screening
    o Painful period and abnormal menstrual cycles
    o Breast cancer and disease screening
    o Cervical cancer screening (Pap test)
    o Family Planning, contraception including mirena and Cu IUD insertion and removal

  • Men’s Health

    o Diabetes management
    o Heart disease treatment
    o Stroke prevention
    o Prostate disease and cancer screening
    o Bladder and kidney disorders
    o Bowel cancer and disease screening

  • Infant, Child & Adolescent Health

    o Infections — ENT
    o Asthma
    o Growth and Feeding Problems
    o Constipation
    o Bed Wetting
    o Eczema and Skin Problems (Acne)
    o Allergies
    o Other General Paediatric Conditions
    o Provision of scheduled immunisations
    o 4 year old health checks

  • Elderly Health

    o Chronic disease management – diabetes, asthma , hypertension , IHD, arthritis etc.
    o Heart, lung and kidney disease assessment
    o Bowel and bladder cancer screening
    o Dementia assessment

  • General Health

    o Mental health services
    o Musculoskeletal Medicine
    o Sports Medicine
    o Travel advice and vaccination
    o Preventative medicine
    o Iron infusion
    o Weight management
    o Occupational Health
    o Pain Management
    o Skin Check ups and removal of Skin Lesions
    o Chronic disease management – diabetes, asthma , hypertension , IHD, arthritis etc
    o Health Assessments

  • Miscellaneous

    o Work Medicals
    o Drivers License Medicals
    o Work cover injury management
    o TAC Services management
    o Occupational Health
    o Respiratory and Lung Function Testing
    o ECG
    o Emergency care